Introduction of AGRO Global Token

What is AGRO Global Token?

Agro Global Token is a project that combines its technological capabilities and expertise in agriculture with the digital world. AGRO is a BEP-20 non-mintable token created by the Agro Global Group. Initially, 95 billion AGRO tokens are generated. Agro token will be traded in major cryptocurrency exchanges as well as in its own B2B trading platform.

What is the purpose of AGRO?

The main purpose of the AGRO project is to develop world agriculture and solve current problems of it with revenues. We believe that agriculture is one of the most important components of the global economy. According to experts, the agricultural industry is approximately %25 of the Global GDP and is constantly growing part of it. Our main goal is to be one of the first and most successful projects to connect agriculture with the future’s inevitable technology, blockchain. We aim to make everyone, from producers to consumers, benefit from this new agriculture system.

How AGRO ecosystem will contribute to digital agriculture technology?

As mentioned before, AGRO’s main goal is to expand and advance agriculture. We will build projects in this journey to be used in this ecosystem such as:

  • AGRO Sapidum: All products are planned to be presented to the world market under the brand name of Agro Sapidum.
  • Olive Cultivation
  • Olive Oil Production
  • Walnut Cultivation Strawberry Cultivation
  • Dragon Fruit Cultivation Wheat Farming

All of these productions will be a part of the cycle and this cycle will revolve itself around the revenues. With this cycle, we want to create a sustainable system that will be a huge part of current digital agriculture.

AGRO Global Token Ecosystem

How AGRO Global Token will be integrated into digital agricultural system in the future?

As a growing digital agriculture project, we have accomplished couple of milestones in our way already!

Our accomplishments so far:

  • The first phase of the 5,500,000 sqm Arbequina olive groves planned in Turkey, 180758 sqm of agricultural land purchased.
  • Supply contracts signed for Arbequina olive and dragon fruit saplings.
  • Listing negotiations have been initiated with one of the top 10 exchanges on Coinmarketcap site.
  • The first olive saplings planned in Turkey.
  • For the walnut garden establishment, new regional analysis was made and land purchasing has begun.
  • Greenhouse installations started and for dragon fruit cultivation.

In 2023, there are more to come!

Through 2023, we aim to integrate our system to digital agriculture continuing with this roadmap on the way:

  • Sales contracts will be signed for Agrosapidum branded products. (2023–2nd Quarter)
  • The NFT projects will be launched. (2023–3rd Quarter)
  • The AGRO Global Token wallet will be released on the mobile application markets. (2023–3rd Quarter)
  • AgroFarmLand play-to earn game project will be launched. (2023–3rd Quarter)
  • Land purchase plans will be made for the world’s largest known strawberry greenhouses. (2023–4th Quarter)
  • The E-Meta platform will be launched. (2024–3rd Quarter)

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